May 25, 2022

The eyes don’t lie, and new technology shows why

Many of the technologies we have seen in movies about law enforcement in the future are now part of everyday life. "Westworld" featured autonomous cars, while individually focused branding and advertising featured in "Minority Report." In "Blade Runner," retinal scans are used as a means of interview and interrogation.
As life sometimes imitates art, we now have EyeDetect from Converus, an eye scanning device used much the same way that a polygraph measures physical responses during an interview or interrogation.
In this episode of Policing Matters, host Jim Dudley speaks with Converus President and CEO Todd Mickelsen about the possible applications of EyeDetect in law enforcement. Over the years, Todd has demonstrated EyeDetect to the CIA, FBI, U.S. State Department, Secret Service, Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and others. 

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